Monthly meetings are held at noon on the first Monday of the month, at Mike’s Place, except for the months of March, June and September when the group holds evening meetings with programs of interest to the entire Faulkner County community. These will be publicized through local media and on the FCDW Facebook site.


The FCDW is an organization for like-minded women and men who:

– Support the principles of the Democratic Party.

– Work for the election of the Democratic Party nominees.

– Initiate and carry out programs and projects on behalf of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party nominees.

– Lobby for legislation that serves the purpose of the Democratic ideals.

Anyone who supports the principles of the Democratic Party is welcome to join the FCDW.

If you’re interested in being a voting member, the FCDW organization collects the following annual (Jan.through Dec.) membership dues:

Full membership (women, voting privileges): $30.00

Associate membership (men & anyone not interested in voting privileges): $15.00

Student membership (women, voting privileges): $20.00

Associate Student Membership (men & any student not interested in voting): $10.00

Money collected from membership dues is used to financially support nominees of the Democratic Party

within Faulkner County, Arkansas.

Membership Form

Visit WITH Us

1st Monday of the month 
Noon at Mike’s Place – Dem Women 
630 pm at the McGee Center – General meeting



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