Absentee Ballots

Absentee applications: 

Information on absentee applications/how to get an absentee application:

Governor Asa Hutchinson recently allowed for COVID-19 to qualify as reasoning for requesting an absentee ballot. If you would like to request an absentee ballot, please consider the following, and be sure to complete the application as soon as possible, so the county clerks have time to prepare: 

  1. Contact the Faulkner County Clerk to request your application.  
    1. Phone:  501 450 4909
    2. Address:  801 Locust Ave, Conway, AR, 72034
    3. Facebook:   Use the following link to download and print an absentee application https://www.facebook.com/MargaretDarterFaulknerCountyClerks/posts/1589216491237269 
    4. Email:  margaret.darter@faulknercounty.org
    5. Fax:  501 450 4938
  1. Once you receive your application and begin to fill it out, please print in black ink
    1. If you are voting absentee because of COVID-19 concerns, in the section titled “I REQUEST AN ABSENTEE BALLOT BECAUSE,” check “I will be unavoidably absent from my polling location.”
    2. In the next section, titled “I RESIDE”, check where you reside.
    3. In the next section, titled “I REQUEST THE APPROPRIATE ABSENTEE BALLOT(S) FOR THE FOLLOWING ELECTIONS”, check General Election/Nonpartisan Runoff & General Election Runoff.
  2. In the next section, titled “I WILL RECEIVE MY BALLOT BY”, check either the first or third option. It is preferred you mail it in. The second option is limited to Uniformed Overseas Citizens.
    1. If you are planning to return it yourself, try to make an appointment. The hours and address are listed above. Be sure to wear a mask.
    2. If you are planning to email or fax it, take a picture of your completed form and send that photo.
    3. They should be mailed out towards the end of September.
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