Our Boy Jason

Our Boy Jason

Jason Rapert is an odd sort-of a duck. He fits into Arkansas’ political arena like a Muscovy fits with a flock of Mallards.

Most recently, Jason announced that he will be a candidate for lieutenant governor in 2022. For a moment, just think of what is ahead for Arkansas. Currently, the State has a governor whose only economic policy is a reduction in taxes for wealthy individuals and corporations. His current interests include parading around the State claiming credit for new businesses openings and preparing secret deals with the State Board of Education to destroy local control of Little Rock’s public schools.

Now moving ahead to the next batch of prospective leaders. First, we have the do-nothing Lt. Governor (another one of the good old boys) raising money and exposing himself to as many audiences as possible and is an announced candidate for governor. While our Leslie Rutledge has recently begun her campaign for governor, her efforts during her years as A.G. are as shallow as fishing with a top water lure. All will remember that Rutledge was fired from her DHS position for incompetency. The third unknown is Sarah Huckabee. 

Thinking ahead is both uncomfortable and depressing. Arkansas’ future is even more depressing when we add Jason to the list. He sees the way clear to run for Lt. Governor in 2020. He sees eight years as Lt. Governor as a stepping-stone to position himself to run for governor in 2028. Think of the challenges unmet by Hutchison, either Griffin, Rutledge, or Huckabee and then followed by Rapert.

But Rapert has some baggage. All his political campaigns have focused on social issues. None have addressed any policies that expand the State’s economy from our historic fight with Mississippi for the bottom.

In addition to our boy Jason’s lack of vision to advance the State’s economy, he has both a thin political skin and a history of shady business activities. The best single source detailing his thin skin and business practices can be found on The Blue Hog Report.

The immediate outlook for our State governance is disheartening.

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