Young Democrats of Arkansas: Faulkner County

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Basic age requirements : 14-35

Chapters of YD in Faulkner County:

  • Faulkner County Democratic Party (Young professionals/College students/High School students)
  • Hendrix College
  • The University of Central Arkansas
  • Conway High School

How to become a member/Where to sign up: Contact the head of your chapter at either Conway High School, Hendrix, UCA, or Faulkner County. If you want to open a chapter at your school, go to, and click “How do I start a Young Democrats chapter at my school?”


President of Young Democrats of Arkansas: Blake Ross

President of Conway High School Young Democrats: Jayce Pollard

President of UCA Young Democrats: Javier Hernandez

President of Hendrix Young Democrats: Bailey Lindsey

Contact info: Please refer to the social media pages below, and direct message those accounts to get involved with the chapter that pertains to you.

Website Links

YDAR Website:

Social Media/Contact Information

Faulkner County’s Young Democrats chapters can best be contacted through social media and email.


Young Democrats of Arkansas: @ydarkansas

UCA Young Democrats @yd_uca

Hendrix Young Democrats @hendrixyoungdemocrats

Faulkner County Young Democrats @youngfaulknerdems

Young Democrats of Arkansas, District 2: @ydar.district2


Conway High School Young Democrats: @DemocratsChs

UCA Young Democrats: @yd_uca

Hendrix Young Democrats: @HendrixDems

Young Democrats of Arkansas: @YDArkansas

Young Democrats of Arkansas, District 2: @ydardistrict2


Young Democrats of Arkansas:

Faulkner County Young Democrats:


Current Opportunities:

  • Volunteer with the Faulkner County Democratic Party.
    • Go to the the Faulkner County Democratic Party Website, click “Get Involved”, then “Volunteer”. You will find a Committee sign up.
  • For more volunteer opportunities, get involved in the chapter that pertains to you and keep up with the social media pages listed above!

County Government

  • What is a county government?
    • County governments and city governments are similar. They both share the common goal improve the welfare of our community. Like the city government, the county government also consists of elected officials.
  • What officials make up a county government?
    • The County Judge
      • The County Judge can be compared to a mayor. They serve as the elected county leader.
    • The Justice of the Peace(s)
      • The Justice of the Peaces are all a part of the Quorum Court; the Quorum Court decides county business.
        • The Quorum Courts “fix the number and compensation of deputies and county employees and fill vacancies in elective county offices. The ordinances enacted by the quorum courts generally relate to property of the county and its maintenance and improvement. This includes county roads, bridges, buildings, vehicles, and whatever else the county government owns to serve the citizens of the county. Many Arkansans live in cities or towns, but those who do not reside in incorporated communities receive services instead from their county government, including police protection, road building and maintenance, and water “.
    • Other important offices
      • The Assessor: assesses property value
      • The Collector: collects taxes
      • The Treasurer: regulates county funds

The Faulkner County Young Democrats

The Faulkner County Young Democrats (FCYD) are an “umbrella” chapter of Young Democrats in Faulkner County. The chapter consists of high schoolers, college students, and young professionals from ages 14-35. The Faulkner County Young Democrats utilize advocacy, volunteer work, media, and socialization to promote democratic values throughout the county.

To contact the FCYD, email or direct message the Instagram page @youngfaulknerdems.

Upcoming Events for the FCYD

The next meeting of FCYD: April 29th, 2021 at 7:30 pm.

Interested in attending a YD meeting? Contact a chapter to find out when their next meeting is!

*All quotations are from “County Government Explained” on the Faulkner County Democratic Party Website


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