You Might be a Faulkner County Republican if…

You Might be a Faulkner County Republican if…

You think it is appropriate for government to use its power to impose your social beliefs and morals on all citizens as follows:

  • Dictating a woman’s reproductive decision.
  • You want to prohibit all relationships and actions among persons advocating anything associated with LGBT.
  • Even though the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of gay marriage, you continue to establish boundaries and conditions for gay marriages.
  • You want to prohibit funding of all activities by Planned Parenthood.
  • You want to permit gun ownership by persons that have mental deficiencies or convicted of violent a crime.
  • You do not want birth control to be included in health insurance plans.
  • You allow business owners to deny service based on ‘religious belief.’
  • You deny marital rape occurs.
  • You set work requirements as a pre-condition for Medicaid.

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