Conway Pride 2019

Conway Pride 2019

We had a table at Conway Pride 2019. Our goals for this event were community outreach and voter registration. Thanks to our membership who recognized the importance of this event and volunteered with us!

We had special stickers made for this event and Vice Chair Christi Berry crocheted a blanket to offer as a raffle. We collected contact information for at least 25 people who we hope will be active Democrats in the future!

This was one of our best voter registration events so far this year. Volunteers registered or updated registration for 14 voters. (If you haven’t tabled a voter drive before, that’s a really good number.)

Panorama of a section of the parade

There were also some special four-legged guests at our table: Draco the bearded dragon and Blossom the dog.

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Meleah is the Communications and Technology Chair for the Faulkner County Democratic Party.

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