Rodney Govens

Rodney Govens speaking at a podiumRodney Govens for State Representative District 44

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I’m running because I’m tired of our leaders forgetting about us. I’m tired of tax dollars going to build casinos while our schools are falling apart. I’m running because our foster care children need systemic change and as a former foster child, I know we can do way better. I’m running because career politicians have taken enough from my neighbors and our families. 

We can fix this, but we’ll have to do it together. Are you with me?


  • Fiscally conservative – We pay enough in taxes. We need to re-appropriate where our tax dollars are spent.
  • Higher Pay for Teachers
  • Higher Pay and better training for law enforcement officers
  • Higher pay and retention bonuses for social workers
  • Hold Ward Water and our other utilities accountable for their mishaps
  • Lower the teen pregnancy rate across the state, especially Lonoke County


  • Spent years in Group Home (Epworth Children’s Home)
  • Over 3 years as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster children
  • Over 3 years in the US Army and proud Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 veteran (2003-2004)
  • Over 10 years in Management and Leadership roles at multibillion-dollar companies
  • Most importantly, proud husband and father to twins

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Phone Number: 803-386-8179