David Barber

David Barber for Faulkner County AssessorDavid Barber for Faulkner County Assessor

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The position of Faulkner County Assessor is often one of many uncontested races that disappears into a long list on the ballot. As a result, few voters are aware of what the Assessor does or why they should care – despite the fact that assessment is as important as tax rates. The role has a huge impact on the county, and on taxpayers.

I am running for this position for three reasons: I hope to bring more attention and transparency to the role of the Assessor, I believe in fiscal responsibility, and I have qualifications that can make the assessor’s office more efficient and customer-friendly. We have to pay our taxes, but it should be as quick and painless an experience as possible.

Without a contested race, this position would be, once again, an afterthought that gets filled by default. But this is an important election year for Faulkner county. Due to decisions made by county leadership, our financial security is not as strong as it once was. In addition, the assessor’s office has had several changes in leadership in quick succession, including the current assessor, who is seeking higher office. So this election gives us the opportunity to ask what kind of assessor’s office we want. In running, I will shed some light on a position that is important, but often overlooked. As an assessor, I will bring new energy and ideas to an office that could use them.

To make this all happen, I need your help. For people to make a choice, they need to be informed, and in an election cycle getting the word out takes resources. Please consider making a donation, which will help me keep the voters of Faulkner county in the loop – something I also intend to do when elected.

I believe in transparency and efficiency, especially when people’s hard-earned money is at stake. I look forward to bringing those principles to the county assessor’s office.

I am an experienced leader, and have held a variety of management roles. In addition, with two decades of experience in technical fields like information technology, programming, and economic analysis, I am well prepared to take on the role of assessor. I have been responsible for multi-million dollar budgets, which makes me confident that I can control spending while at the same time ensuring the assessor’s office does the job it is intended to do efficiently, and in a customer-friendly manner. Because of my wide range of experience I am ready to manage both the employees and the budget of the assessor’s office.

In terms of my educational background, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a Master’s in economics. I have also been an educator, both at the K-12 and at the university level, where I have taught business and economics.